O U R    S M A R T   H O M E   S Y S T E M   W I L L   T U R N   Y O U R   H O M E   TO   D R E A M    H O M E

Our Smart Home Systems gives you endless automation features in simple one device with high security and user friendly usage. Home automation change your regular life in to special experience when you in home, every device will surprise you with that advanced/automated service, if you not in home you can surprise your housemate by controlling your appliance with your mobile…. We build our automation with IOT so where ever you’re, your home at your fingertips. By simple clicking a button on your mobile you can control your home World. Halten Automation Systems Will change your Day-To-Day Life you can feel the experience

By inter-connecting all devices we will make a System to simplify the regular tasks throughout the Home, with our automation systems. We add multiple features to our Home automation systems like Lighting control , Blinds, Curtains, appliances , windows, gates, security cameras, lighting intensity controlling , water tank over flow control /water level maintenances and beyond not only controlling we can monitor and alert our house or nurseries with fire/ GAS/ Smoke/ temperature/ humidity /sunlight sensing . With your own smartphone or pc wit IOT application you’re able to control or monitor from anywhere.

W H A T E V E R     Y O U     N E E D ,     Y O U ' V E     “ H A L T E N ”     T O     G E T     I T    F O R     Y O U R     S M A R T     H O M E

We make enchaining automation for entire home, from monitoring to controlling with best security features, lighting, entertainment, and energy management and more. Our Smart Home applications give you smooth and simple handling at your home with no rick. you can simple manage entire home from your relaxed place. Our Technology build with small and smart way, it is easy to install easy to use and risk free and entire system embedded with your home walls you can use it when you want it have different features inbuilt with our system like Wired/wireless and Auto/Manual.

Why smart Application need for a home?

We can save our energy with Automation.
We can secure our home from fire accidents.
We can give special appearance to our home.
We can control our appliance in smart way, more and more...

Home Cinema

Home Cinemas is most impressive and present trending technology to enjoy cinemas/gaming with your family at free time you will have more fun with family and friends, Halten bring the big screen to your home with impressive lighting and technology, if you want re innovate your media room or basement we are here to you make your entertain room to luxurious Cinema place for family and friends, Any room can convert into home cinemas room weather living room, gaming room multi-use spacious room, large room any place you can turn to entertainment place at your home.

Lighting Installation

Lighting is most important thing in living space, it turn your normal living space to awesome living space. no one satisfied with normal lighting at personal rooms, living rooms, kitchen, garden, living room simple in home everyone want to awesome compliment no one satisfied with good complement so we believe that complement will come to you when you have good lighting in your home not only lighting with customized design and installation will turn your lights into smart and trendy looks that lighting gives best look to your entire home

With our light you can control your light intensity with single touch we can change your normal light to dinner light/party light/ bed light/moon light and more no need to spend much money to lighting to parties, you can turn your Home to party home with our Lighting systems.

Custmized Product

Halten offers you menu to customize your product with required features, the reason behind the customization option to customers is, they design their home how they want, so we feel why we don’t offer to customize application to their smart home automation to fulfil they Dream home with customization, So we invent their Imaginations to make our customer to be happy. Whatever application required we ready to accept to invert your smart home automation application to our customer home.

We offering Customization option in Home Lighting, Blinds, Doors, Water level maintenance, Sensor and updating auto lighting while person detection at windows & steps, common rooms …anywhere where customer want to install we will make it…. Not only designing and installation if Customer don’t have any idea about technology and customization but if they are passionate about smart homes, our team ready to help you at your comfortable time to discuss and suggest about technologies, design, how smart our devise and how to use our tem will guide you how smart we can you.

Prototype Models

Prototyping is an important activity in most new product development processes. Whether the aim is to explore new opportunities or refine existing solutions, prototyping can be a valuable tool. Our team of highly experienced engineers has helped small, medium, and enterprise level clients turn their product ideas into a reality by providing unparalleled prototyping and manufacturing. The product development in the initial stage is a long and complicated process till concept design to prototype development. However, this stage is very necessary before moving to mass production. In fact, product prototypes can be verified throughout the entire design and development cycle, including concept models, presentation prototypes, functional prototypes, engineering prototypes and low volume manufacturing. Appropriate utility of prototype techniques can potentially make new product development process more dynamic and effective, reducing the chance of failure.

Importance to develop a prototype model

Realize and explore concepts. Build product ideas into a manageable scope while working to establish the critical details and fully understand the design intent through proof-of-concept prototypes.

Communicate ideas effectively. Visual presentation models empower designers to share their concepts with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to facilitate the clear, actionable feedback.

Design iterations more flexible. Functional prototype development can be used to test design iterations and perfect your product’s performance. Let any issues to be discovered and corrected well before getting to a final product, and reduced business risk.

Move to full production with confidence. Creating engineering prototypes that match final product makes it easier to verify design, engineering, and manufacturability before investing in expensive tools and putting them into production.

Cost-effective low volume manufacturing. Rapid tooling and custom low-volume production will be able to bridge the gap between prototype and production, and make your product go to market faster at an affordable price.

Education Support

Halten offers comprehensive training and guidance for academic projects for B.Tech, B.E, M.Tech, M.E., M.C.A., Polytechnic students in all the advanced domains. The projects are innovative and award winning projects meet the standards of latest IEEE transactions. Academic project work is an important task for any engineering student and the student has to apply all his core knowledge and skill to his project. Our team understands the requirements and designed unique project training program. Domain basics right from the scratch are covered in the curriculum. A crash course on the domain is also covered. This enables the student to apply his thoughts and ideas to his project with his domain knowledge.

As a part of academic curriculum, a paper or an article has to be published by the students in an International Journal for the award of his M.Tech / M.E. / Ph.D Degree. In publication right from the abstracting and content writing to meet the standards of international journals with good impact factor rating. International Journal Publication and assure you 100% publication within scheduled and time bound slots.

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